Get a Job in Australia from India

Get a Job in Australia from India


Australia is undoubtedly the most desired country of worldwide skilled workers to live, work or settle on a permanent basis.

It ranks among the top 10 countries based on Citizenship, quality of life and education, etc. With a population of approximately 25 million, the unemployment rate is as low as 5% in Australia.

Moreover, the nation is known for offering one of the best facilities, infrastructure and work environment to the foreign skilled workers working here on temporary and permanent visas. With all this and more, it is not a bad idea to seek a job in Australia from India.

Applying for a job in Australia as well as a visa, can be quite an exciting yet challenging task, especially if you are new to the process and not aware of the right program and requirements.

There are different ways via which you can secure a job in Australia from India and work with talented professionals, who come from different nations, cultures, backgrounds and more. However, in this article, we ll discuss the easiest way to get employment in Australia through permanent residency.

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Obtaining PR visa can help your cause of finding a job in Australia

Australia permanent residence visa from India allows you to live, work and study anywhere in Australia on a permanent basis. If you have obtained a PR visa in Australia, you get nearly one year to land in Australia, as you need to move to Australia within 12 months from the date on which your medical or Police clearance certificate was granted. So, you can utilize this time in searching for a suitable job in Australia. If you have got an approved PR status, it also helps you find a job early, as employers in Australia, also prefer the applicants with visa status approved.

So, let s find out how you can apply for the Australia PR?

What is the right pathway to apply Australia PR?

Look out for point-tested Skilled Work Visa categories under the General Skilled Migration Program (GSM). To get a GSM visa, you have to go through a point test that helps the Australian immigration authority determine your skills and ability. For all the skilled work visa categories, you should age below 50 years and must be competent in the English language. The key PR visa categories via which you can apply for an Australian PR fall under the GSM System, i.e. General Skilled Migration system are as follows.

Point Tested Skilled Visas in Australia under GSM

Here are the three popular GSM visa categories:

  • Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189: It is a permanent visa, there is no need for sponsorship by a family member or a nomination by a state/territory government.
  • Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190: It is also a permanent visa type and requires you to have a nomination by any State or Territory government of Australia or sponsorship from a relative living in regional Australia as a permanent resident or citizen.
  • Subclass 491 Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa can also help you immigrate to Australia temporarily for 5 years and after living in Australia for 3 years on this visa you can apply for Australia permanent residency.

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What is the stepwise process to apply for an Australia PR visa?

Here are the key steps involved while you apply for permanent residence visa in Australia:

  • Select an occupation: Select and nominate an occupation from the relevant high demand skilled occupation list of Australia and accordingly choose a visa category to apply.
  • Provide a Skill Assessment report: You must provide a Skill Assessment Report from an approved assessing body.
  • Meet the English language criteria: Before applying for a skilled visa in Australia, you must obtain the test result for your English language proficiency, such as the IELTS Test score.

For this, you may take up English language coaching from a reputed IELTS training institution and improve your overall score. A few visa consultants, i.e. Australia PR Avenue, also provide the IELTS training to their clients, aka Visa applicants. Click Here to Get in touch with us

  • Complete your EOI through SkillSelect: You need to submit your EOI (Expression of Interest) profile in the SkillSelect system mentioning all key factors of your profile, i.e. age, education, work experience, English proficiency level, etc.
  • Obtain a good point score: Since all mentioned visas are point-based, hence, you must have a good point score (minimum 65 points) based on key factors of your profile, i.e. age, education, English language skills, work experience, etc. So, it is highly recommended to focus on improving your IELTS score, professional qualification and gain relevant work experience before you actually apply for a skilled visa in Australia.


If DHA (Department of Home Affairs), Australia finds your skills, education, and abilities appropriate, then they may get ITA (Invitation to apply) for a skilled visa of your choice.

  • Submit your application for a skilled GSM visa: you need to submit your visa application within 60 days of receiving ITA (invitation to apply) from Australia immigration authorities.
  • Submit required documents and get via approval: Submit all required documents as and when asked, i.e. medical certificate, PCC, etc. and if your documents and application found valid, you will get approval for the applied GSM visa.

If the only question that crosses your mind is "how to get a job in Australia?", then it is highly recommended to obtain a skilled visa in Australia on a priority basis. All the prospective employers generally ask about an applicant s immigration status and if they already hold a visa or even started with the application process, then it becomes an advantage for you.

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What are the Tips to Find a Job in Australia?

Find below a few key tips to search job in Australia:

  • Target economic or industry sector: If you haven’t zeroed in on the industry in which you would like to work, then choose hat first! The key industries which are always in focus in Australia are mining, tourism, agriculture, financial services, manufacturing, and telecommunications. With each passing year, these industries have seen tremendous growth, which clearly indicates more job opportunities as well as security.
  • Search attentively and methodically for all the major job openings: There are millions of job vacancies being posted online for which you can go through the common job websites, or government-sponsored websites. If you find the information and the opportunities worth, then you can go further by applying for the same.

You can also check Australian newspaper listings to look out for job openings. You can check out the newspapers like Sydney Morning Herald, The Age (Melbourne), The West Australian (Perth) and The Courier-Mail (Brisbane).

Or, in order to know about vacancies in any organization of your interest, then you can also consult an expert.

  • Improvise your CV/Resume: Your CV or résumé has to be written in the Australian style. Like an Australian CV is generally longer than the American CVs. More space is given to the experiences and skills section and your essential information must be highlighted on the first page itself.

You can use "Career Summary", "Key Skills and Qualifications," and "Key Training or Affiliations" sections for describing better.

  • Include your cover letter: It is always good to focus on creating a well-presented cover letter as it has to include along with your Resume. You must state whether you have got permission to work in Australia or not or if you are under the process of applying for an Australian skilled visa.

Apply under any Australia PR visa category from India and explore upcoming job opportunities in 2020

One of the most popular visa categories to apply for Australia PR visa fall under the General Skilled Migration (GSM) System. And in order to find the right visa subclass and successfully apply for the same, you should always seek expert assistance.

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As our primary service is to guide and support you throughout the immigration process, which in turn can land you good job opportunities once you reach Australia. In fact, with our profile creation, documentation and skill assessment services, you can double up the chances of grabbing the attention of prospective employers even at the initial phase, which is after submitting your EOI.

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