How to migrate to Australia from India?

How to migrate to Australia from India?


In order to migrate to Australia from India permanently, as a first step, you are required to secure a permanent resident visa. This entire visa and immigration process of Australia is handled and managed by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP). DIBP is the sole authority to whom you are supposed to provide relevant information and documentation, which is a must to start the process of filing an application for immigration to Australia. Once your visa application is approved by the said authority, you may find a job and a place to reside.

What is the easiest way to migrate to Australia?

It s a 3-step mandatory process to be followed by all the applicants:

  1. Gather Information:

Gather all the required information for your visa application. Ensure to provide all the information that is relevant for getting sponsored and finding a job. You are also required to meet basic character and health requirements to become eligible for acquiring an immigration visa to Australia. Your application will also include a checklist of supporting documents that are required to be included with your visa application.

Following are the eligibility requirements, which are applicable to any person moving to Australia:

  • All the applicants must age below 50 years if they fall under skilled or sponsored worker category
  • All the applicants must score minimum points in the IELTS examination
  • All the applicants get their skills assessed by a Skill Assessment Authority
  • All the applicants must have a nomination from a state or territory government of Australia, only if they are applying via nominated or sponsored visa categories
  • All the applicants must nominate an occupation from relevant Skilled Occupation List of Australia.
  • All the applicants must submit an EOI online to the Australian immigration authority
  • All the applicants must score above 60 points on the basis of key factors like age, English proficiency, education, work experience, etc.
  • All the applicants must have a good character and healthy disposition as evidenced by their relevant character certificates.
  1. Complete the visa application:

In order to make your application to be considered as fully complete, it is advisable to upload all the necessary documents listed in the checklist. This will speed up the process by reducing the overall visa application processing time.

Following are the basic documents required for skilled migration to Australia from India:

  • Skill Assessment Proof
  • Passport
  • Age Proof
  • IELTS report
  • Partner’s IELTS report, marriage certificate (if applicable) and work experience letters
  • Employment Reference Letters

A few migratory visas have a multi-step process like partner category visa. For this visa, you have to go through a trial stage where you ll get a provisional or temporary visa. At the end of the term of your temporary visa, you become eligible for applying for a permanent residency visa.

  1. Submit your visa application to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection:

Once you have completed your visa application and attached all obligatory documentation. Then, you have to submit the complete application along with an application fee, marking the onset of the application approval process.

The overall immigration to Australia from India cost range from hundred to thousand dollars. The amount depends on which PR visa subclass category you choose and from where you apply. For instance, if you wish to immigrate to Australia because you are going to get married to a citizen of Australia, then you are expected to pay around AUD $6875 for your application.

The below-stated table gives a clear view of the basic fee structure:

Factor Cost
Visa Application Charge (Department of Immigration (DIAC) 212246 INR (for PR Visas)
Application Fee for Skills Assessment From 20808 INR to 72830 INR for most of the occupations
IELTS Test (if applicable) 14566 INR
Medical Examination From 1734 INR to 2080 INR per applicant
Fee for Police Clearance Certificate Approximately 1387 INR per applicant
Charges for Translations and Document Certification Up to 34680 INR

The above immigration cost or charges are not fixed and may vary or change depending upon the latest status as well as the country/region you are applying from. Hence, please check the latest status of charges with the expert before applying.

Known as a land of opportunities, Australia has always been a top destination for immigrants around the world. The country has a lot of benefits to offer for all the immigrants who choose Australia as their second home.

Here are the few Australia immigration benefits for foreign workers and migrants:

  • With an Australia PR visa, you enjoy a right to live in the country for an unlimited period. Though an introductory PR visa comes with a 5-year validity, you can always renew it before the expiry date.
  • With a PR status, you can choose any occupation and can work without any restrictions. However, there are a few exceptions at Armed forces and Public service sectors. Only an Australian citizen can apply for the jobs under these sectors.
  • You can sponsor your family members to apply for PR but only once you meet the residence and financial support prerequisites.
  • If your children are born in Australia, they automatically become Australian citizens and can enjoy all the health care and education benefits.

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