Australia Immigration Consultant in Noida

Australia Immigration Consultant in Noida

Australia Immigration Consultants in Noida

Known as a satellite city of Delhi, Noida (New Okhla Industrial Development Authority) is full of skilled professionals making their way to Australia immigration with the help of Australia PR visa consultants in Noida. All thanks to a thriving economy and exceptional working opportunities available in Australia, making it one of the most chosen destinations to live and work. Having world s ninth-largest immigrant population, with total immigrants accounting up to 29% of the total population, Australia currently faces a skill shortage in different industries, thus, the country seeks more professionals from other countries to work in its workforce and contribute to the overall economic growth.

Listing down a few more reasons why one should live and work in Australia as an immigrant

  • High paying jobs: Australia is known for providing one of the best average salaries in comparison to other countries in the world. In a few sectors, the payment is actually higher than the USA and the UK.
  • Numerous job opportunities: With a low unemployment rate, Australia s economy is growing rapidly. This growth results on industrial expansion and a rise in job opportunities in retail manufacturing, street marketing, hospitality, and other service sectors. Work experience: If you are employed in Australia, it adds value to your experience.
  • Work experience: Australians pride themselves for a perfect work-life balance and if you are employed in Australia, it further adds value to your experience across the world.
    • Supportive migration system: Since decades, Australia’s migration program is quite accommodating to all the immigrants. There are numerous visa options, which are perfect for the couples and with the help of a team of Australia PR visa consultants in Noida, they can move to Australia with the utmost ease.
  • High-Quality lifestyle: People in Australia undoubtedly enjoy a high-quality life, which is a result of low population level and plenty of fresh air available in natural landscapes and beautiful scenery.
  • Excellent healthcare system: Australia s healthcare system is known to be one of the best and efficient in the world. It covers the medical and hospitalization payments of the citizens or permanent residents in the public hospitals, which proves quite helpful for bigger families.
  • Excellent educational system: Australia also boosts of the best-in-class educational system and has acquired 8th rank worldwide. Actually, there are numerous accredited schools and universities. Besides, there are also numerous free government-run secondary and primary schools offering compulsory education.
  • Multicultural Society: Australia s society is multicultural with 43% of Australians born overseas or have been born to overseas parent. It is mainly made up of people from all types of backgrounds and cultures. Every year they celebrate their own diversity on Harmony Day on 21st March. Additionally, there is no class system in Australia like other countries who have divisions and boundaries and the residents are welcoming and friendly.
  • Migration for partners: Australian offers partner visa options too for people who are married to the citizens or permanent residents of Australia and for people who are in the de-facto relationship. In fact, a visa option is also provided to people who wish to visit Australia to get married to their Australian partners.
  • Financial stability: With a stable economic growth from the last 15 years, more and more immigrants choose Australia for higher remunerations.

If reading such impressive reasons, you also made up your mind to settle down and work in Australia, then, you should know all the pathways via which you can apply Australia PR from Noida.

General Skilled Migration (GSM) Program

The Australian government has designed popular General Skilled Migrants Program (GSM) for skilled workers, including three key visa categories, i.e.

  • Skilled Independent Visa (subclass 189): It s a permanent residence visa that allows skilled professionals to work in Australia and enjoy complete working and living right. To apply, you are not required to have a nomination from an Australian employer, a relative or state/territory government.
  • Skilled - Nominated (Subclass 190) Visa: It s again a permanent residence visa. To apply, you are required to have a nomination from an Australian employer, a relative or state/territory government
  • Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) Visa Subclass 491: This temporary or provisional visa allows you to live and work in regional Australia for five years. After three years, you can convert it in to a Permanent Resident (PR) Visa.

Additionally, you can also include your family members while you are lodging a visa application under any of the above stated General Skill migration program (GSM) category visas.

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