Benefits of Australia Permanent Residence Visa

Benefits of Australia Permanent Residence Visa

Australian Permanent Residency Visa has great demand across the globe.

The skilled and talented people who seek great career options, high standards of living and one of the best infrastructure facilities in the world, apply for a permanent residency (PR) visa in Australia, which provides them key rights and privileges similar to an Australian citizen.

Key benefits of Australia Permanent Residence (PR) Visa

Permanent Residency Status

This Visa provides you permanent residency status in Australia, which means you are allowed to live in any part of Australia on a permanent basis. Moreover, you can enjoy the rights and privileges associated with your permanent Residency status.

You are allowed to travel to and from Australia (until your travel validity expires).

Study Anywhere in Australia

You can enrol in any course of study in any part of Australia. You can choose the university and education you want and continue the studies.


Work anywhere in Australia

You are allowed to work in any part of Australia in any occupation or employer. However, certain government jobs are restricted for the PR holders, i.e. defence associated jobs, etc. As a PR holder, you enjoy most of the benefits equivalent to an Australian citizen, i.e. workers compensation, equal industrial laws, etc.

As a Permanent Resident of Australia, you are eligible to get social security benefits, such as student benefits, unemployment benefit, sickness, etc. As a Permanent Resident, you receives all these benefits under the Department of Social Security in Australia.

Free Healthcare Coverage

Health care coverage is an essential right given to the PR holders in Australia.

The Medicare health insurance scheme provided by the government to all Permanent Residents of Australia. It covers all your expenses of medical treatment at government hospitals and also allows you to get funded medicine.

Sponsor Eligible Relatives for Permanent Residency

As a permanent resident of Australia, you can sponsor your eligible relatives to Get PR in Australia, after spending the reasonable time in Australia on PR visa.

Apply for Citizenship

After spending at least 4 years in Australia on PR visa, you can also apply for Australian citizenship. You have to clear a test and after that, you will be granted the citizenship of Australia in a grand ceremony.

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