Step by Step Process to Apply for Australia Student Visa

Step by Step Process to Apply for Australia Student Visa


If you are planning to study in Australia, then you have to apply for a Australia student visa Subclass 500. With this student visa, you are allowed to visit Australia and undertake a course of study. It is a temporary visa type to undertake study in Australia for up to 5 years time period.

However, the course type and duration are the two determining factors of your stay. If the applicant is a primary school student, who is enrolled in 1-4 years of age, then he or she will a student visa grant for a maximum 2 years period. 

Step by step process to Apply for Australia Student Visa

1) Apply to an Australian school or university and get a Confirmation of Enrolment

Before you apply for Australia Study Visa, you must enroll yourself at an Australian school. Once you receive an offer letter from a school of your choice, you have to accept the offer with a written confirmation and make the tuition fee payment, the school will then send you a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE).

This document is a must to start your Australia student visa application process.

2) Create an account

You have to create an online ImmiAccount account at with the immigration authorities of Australia. While applying, you can be outside or in Australia. You will be asked to submit your name, e-mail address, and phone number. Then you have to create a password and further accept all the terms and conditions.

3) Gather and attach relevant documents

In order to apply for a Ausstudent visa, you are requested to submit all the relevant documents.

Documents Requirement for Australian Student Visa

  • Your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE)
  • An (Overseas Student Health Care) OSHC health insurance
  • Your passport valid for Australia stay
  • Your temporary stay proof: You have to certify on your application that you have an intention to stay in Australia on a temporary basis. To support your claim, you can attach a proof of your employment or your school letter from your home country or any such document.

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Depending upon your location from where you are applying and from where you will study, you may require to submit an additional document listed below:

  • Your birth certificate
  • Your Proof of funds to support your studies and living, like a bank statement
  • Proof of your knowledge to pass the studies you intend to take up, like a certified grade report along with your IELTS exam result.
  • Proof of your past employment like a contract, salary slips, offer letters, experience letters, etc.

You must submit all the documents online in a digital format. You have to scan all the documents in advance and you should get your documents translated to English from a certified translator.

4) Complete your visa application online

for Australia Study Visa, You can submit your application 124 days before the onset of your course. You have to apply online on the ImmiAccount.

First, you have to fill in your nationality and submit your CoE code/s. You have to select your Education sector, like ELICOS for language courses or for Higher Education courses that will eventually lead to a degree from an Australian university.

Then, you have to submit your personal information, like, family details, answer a few important questions about your past work experience and education, and submit information related to your criminal and health record.

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5) Pay your visa application fee

Once you submit an online application, you have to:

  • make payment for you and your family, else your application will be denied


  • provide an exemption proof

Currently, the application fee is 575 AUD, which you can pay online through a credit card.  Once you make the payment, you will get TRN-number (Transaction Reference Number) in your receipt. You must save the TRN number in order to check your application status.

6) Undergo a medical examination and take up the interview

Depending upon your circumstances, like where you will pursue your studies and where you will live, you might need to undergo a health checkup and a visa interview as well. You will get the information regarding these two once you submit a complete application.

It is recommended not to go for a health checkup in advance, as you may require to provide your TRN-number and you will obtain proper instructions on how and what you need to get checked.

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7) Visa outcome/decision

You will get a written mail from the Australian immigration authorities about their decision regarding your student visa application.

They will inform you about:

  • your student visa grant number
  • your student visa expiry date
  • your student visa conditions

You are required to keep your visa decision copy with you while you visit Australia.

8) Travel to Australia

Upon receiving your visa, you must enter Australia within 90 days before the onset of your course date as mentioned on your CoE. If you have not booked your accommodation in advance via your school, then you must inform them about your Australian address within 7 days of your arrival.

Usually, you can stay in Australia for a maximum of 30 days after your course is finished or 60 days if your course is more than 10 months long. All the details regarding date limits should be mentioned on your visa and in case the information is different from what the authorities have mentioned, then you should follow the instructions mentioned on your student visa.

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