How to Migrate to Australia without Job Offer?

How to Migrate to Australia without Job Offer?


Being a country full of opportunities, a developed economy and a high-quality lifestyle, Australia welcomes thousands of immigrants every year. To live and work here with a PR card has its own benefits.

If an applicant wishes to migrate to Australia without a job offer, then the following programs can come to rescue:

1. Australia State Sponsored or Nominated Visa Subclass 190:

To apply for Sponsored or Nominated subclass 190 visa, a candidate is required to have a nomination nominated from any state or territory of Australia.

The candidate has to select an occupation from the Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List and submit their information in the profile accordingly. Moreover, the candidate’s skill set must match with the eligible skilled occupation that is high in demand in that particular part of Australia.

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Stepwise Process to Apply for a SubClass 190 visa with a job offer?

  • Select an occupation that is relevant to your skillset as per Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List (CSOL)
  • Submit an Express of Interest profile (EOI) to the immigration authority of Australia
  • Once you get an ITA, apply with complete applications along with relevant documents
  • You have to score at least 6 points in your IELTS language exam
  • You have to score a minimum of 60 points in the skillSet points test
  • Get selected as per the eligibility requirement, like age (under 45), skills, language, adaptability, etc.
  • Further, a police clearance certificate and health examination certificate is required to testify your fitness for the visa program

What is the processing time for Visa Sub Class 190:

This program generally takes around 7-13 months time period to process all the visa applications. In order to avoid any further delay in the process, you must ensure proper application filing and documentation.


2. Australia Skill Independent Visa Subclass 189

Skill Independent Visa Subclass 189 visa is another visa program that is designed for those candidates who do not have a prior job offer in hand.

Yes, if you are applying under this visa subclass, then you don t need a job offer or a nomination/sponsorship from any Australian employer or territory.

This visa subclass assesses your profile based on your key profile factors like age, education, skills, work experience, language proficiencies, etc.. Accordingly, you get points on your credentials and get nominated.

How to apply for Skill Independent Subclass 189 Visa?

  • You have to score at least 6 points in your IELTS language test
  • You must have a skill assessment certificate issued from an authorized body
  • You must have experience in the Australian Skilled Occupation List
  • You have to submit an EOI (Expression of Interest) in skill select
  • Upon receiving an ITA from the Australian immigration authority, you must apply within the time period of 60 days

Processing time for Skill Independent Subclass 189 Visa:

The application process generally takes around 4 to 7 months time, which may differ as per the application. The same rule applies for this visa subclass as well, i.e. to ensure proper application filing and documentation, in order to avoid any further delay in the process.

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3. Family Sponsorship Visa

The family sponsorship program is also designed to obtain an Australian PR visa for those candidates who have their family member living in Australia as a citizen or permanent resident of Australia.

If the candidate s spouse, children, legal partner, the parent or any other relative is capable of sponsoring your PR then this family sponsorship visa comes into the picture. Additionally, this visa also doesn t come with a job offer requirement prior to migrating to Australia.

The above-stated visa programs can help you migrate to Australia without a job offer. Thus, in order to apply any of the above programs, you can follow this step-step process:

  • Confirm your eligibility for the most suitable program and gather the relevant documents for creating a profile.
  • Submit your EOI profile (Express of Interest) to an online Skillset system to get your profile assessed for Australian PR.
  • Once the assessment is done, each profile gets points and you have to score a minimum of 60 points to be eligible for a permanent resident card.
  • Those candidates who are nominated will get an invitation receipt so that they can submit their application with other essentials for PR card to the immigration office of Australia within the time period of 60 days.

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