Australia Immigration Visa Fees

Australia Immigration Visa Fees

 Australia Immigration Visa Fees & Cost

A Skilled migration visa is one of the most popular Australian visa categories. Being a point-based system, GSM or General Skilled Migration program is one of the fair and accurate immigration programs in Australia. Under the GSM program, DHA assesses each profile on the basis of key profile factors like age, education, work experience, language proficiency, etc.

There are three key visa categories under the General Skilled Migration program, including:

Refer the table below for a detailed description of Australia PR visa fees for GSM visa categories for applicants in or outside Australia:

 Latest Fee for GSM Visa fees 2023

Find below the updated fee for General Skilled Migration (GSM) skilled visas, applicable from July 1, 2023: 

 Visa subclass


Base application charge


Additional applicant charge 18 and over

Additional applicant charge under 18

Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189) – Points tested stream




Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190)




Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa Subclass 491




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The Australia immigration visa cost varies from time to time. It majorly depends upon the type of visa you choose and the date on which the Department of Home Affairs receives your completed visa application along with relevant documents. There are scenarios where the price rises between the application lodging date and the application receiving date by DHA (Department of Home Affairs). In such a case, you have to make the payment as per the new application charge.

The Visa Fees for Australia PR is in AUD, i.e. Australian dollars and has to pay on time.

The application fee is payable in 2 installments:

First Installment: Payable at the time of submitting a visa application

There are different charges involved as per the circumstances that you need to pay while lodging your visa application.

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To make your visa application valid, the below-mentioned components are applicable:

  • Base application charge
  • Additional applicant charge
      • Non-internet application charge
  • The subsequent temporary application charge

To determine the payable amount during the first installment stage, you must undertake the following situation in mind:

  • the visa subclass you are applying
  • the visa stream you have chosen
  • if you presently hold a visa or have previously held, then you need to know the same visa subclass
  • the number of additional applicants with your in the same visa application
  • whether you are lodging an online application or offline
  • whether you are applying from outside Australia or in Australia

Second installment: Payable right before the grant of your visa (This second installment is payable only when you get a notification about the due date from DHA (Department of Home Affairs)

Sometimes, this second installment s amount is nil and will not be required in case of application refusal or withdrawn.

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Base application charge

For every visa application, there is a base application charge, which sometimes is nil as well. In case your application has more than one applicant also called combined application, then this charge is bearable by the primary applicant only.

What will happen in case you pay the incorrect amount?

The cost of an Australian PR visa application is not valid until you pay the complete first installment. In case you have paid less than the required amount of the fee, then DHA will not commence your visa application processing until they receive the exact amount. Or, in case there is a difference between the time you pay, you may not be eligible for the visa.

Are any refunds applicable?

Even if your visa application is withdrawn or refused by DHA, the authority doesn t refund the visa application fee amount.

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