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ACS and VETASSESS Australia has announced key updates for skill assessment requirement
ACS and VETASSESS Australia has announced key updates for skill assessment requirement

ACS and VETASSESS Australia has announced key updates for skill assessment requirement

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Key changes announced by ACS

The Australian Computer Society (ACS) has updated key Skills Assessment requirements and all the applicants who are planning to apply for Australian Skilled Visas in 2020, must go through these changes.

Following are the new updates announced by ACS:

  • An applicant must provide colored scan copies of all the relevant documents as the back and white scan copies are no longer valid.
  • An applicant must submit two separate payment evidence forms to support their employment claims
  • A statutory declaration or affidavit deponent must prove the working relationship with the applicant

Updates with regards to Statutory Declarations or Affidavits

There are clear guidelines when it comes to the acceptance and approval of statutory declarations or affidavits instead of experience letters from an applicant s organization.

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The Statutory Declarations or Affidavits will not be accepted, if:

  • They don t contain words that are Signed Before or Sworn Before or Witnessed Before
  • They are from a junior colleague
  • They state the referee agrees with what is written in another document by the applicant
  • Notary Public stamped and a signature does not state that the signature is witnessed by the referee
  • Notary Public Signature states only the Attested Copy
  • The declaration is witnessed on some other day
  • The mentioned duties and responsibilities copy and pasted from ANZSCO directly

Additionally, there have to be an applicant s and supervisor s service letters statutory declarations and an explanation on the company s letterhead stating the reasons behind unable to provide them an official document of roles & responsibilities on their letterhead.

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Updates with regards to payment proofs

An applicant must provide any 2 out of the following documents as a proof of payment:

  • Quarterly Pay Slips for all the years
  • Provident Fund Statement for all the years
  • Bank Statements to show salary credits for all the years
  • Income tax return or form 16s or any other tax proof for all the years

Key changes announced by VETASSESS Australia

VETASSESS Australia has announced key changes to the organizational charts and projects information, like:

  • Organizational charts are now mandatory for key Managerial Occupations, like, Management Consultant, Marketing Specialist, Internal Auditor, and Program or Project Administrator.
  • Evidence of Projects is also mandatory for occupations like Management Consultant and Project Administrator.
  • Project List Template must be provided for the above-listed occupations.
  • Please note, there is a change in criteria as well in the case of General Occupations and for any reviews or reassessments that are lodged after 7th January 2020 will be assessed on the basis of new criteria.

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