Australia is launching Pacific Engagement Visa (PEV)- A new PR Program

Australia is launching Pacific Engagement Visa (PEV)- A new PR Program

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Australia is set to launch a new permanent residency program, i.e. Pacific Engagement Visa (PEV) - Subclass 192, in 2024. This initiative is customized specifically for nationals from select Pacific Island countries and Timor-Leste, aiming to provide up to 3,000 permanent residency places every year, including for their immediate family members. The PEV complements Australia's existing permanent migration program and is expected to foster a larger Pacific diaspora in Australia.

Pacific Engagement Visa (PEV)

The upcoming Pacific Engagement Visa is expected to raise permanent migration from the Pacific and Timor-Leste, encouraging a more significant diaspora in Australia. This step aims to reinforce interpersonal connections and endorse cultural, business, and educational exchanges.

An annual allocation of up to 3,000 visas for Pacific Islanders will be determined through a ballot process across participating countries. Successful candidates will have the opportunity to apply for permanent residency in Australia.

The development of the Pacific Engagement Visa comprises close collaboration with partner governments and communities from the Pacific and Timor-Leste. This ensures that the program aligns with shared requirements and objectives, contributing to a peaceful, thriving, and resilient Pacific community.

Key Points to Remember

Prospective candidates can submit their ballot entries online via the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) once the ballot opens. Below are answers to some common questions about this new visa program:

1. When will the Pacific Engagement Visa ballot commence? 

The ballot is expected to commence in 2024, once all legislative and administrative requirements for the visa are finalized, and Pacific governments and Timor-Leste have had ample time to review the final arrangements. 

2. What is the Pacific Engagement Visa? 

The Pacific Engagement Visa is an upcoming permanent resident visa designed for participating countries across the Pacific and Timor-Leste. Up to 3,000 visas, covering partners and dependent children, will be allotted annually through a ballot process to nationals from Pacific and Timor-Leste. This visa program aims to expand the Pacific and Timor-Leste diaspora in Australia, strengthen Australia’s healthy people-to-people connections, and encourage greater cultural, business, and educational exchange. 

3. Which countries will be involved? 

Preference will be given to countries with limited permanent migration prospects to Australia, as well as those without citizenship rights with New Zealand, France, and the United States. Eligible countries may include Federated States of Micronesia, Fiji, Kiribati, Nauru, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Republic of the Marshall Islands, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Timor-Leste, Tonga, Tuvalu, and Vanuatu. The Australian Government continues ongoing consultations with Pacific countries and Timor-Leste to instrument their interest in participating in the program. 

4. How will country allocations be determined? 

Visa allocations will be based on various factors, including population size, diaspora in Australia, existing migration opportunities, anticipated demand, and the perspectives of participating countries. Decisions on allocations will be made by the Minister for Foreign Affairs and the Minister for International Development and the Pacific. Further discussions with Pacific partners will be conducted to ensure their inclusion and to determine country allocations, aligning the program with shared needs and objectives. 

5. Who will be eligible for the Pacific Engagement Visa?

To be eligible for the Pacific Engagement Visa, primary applicants must:

    • Be aged between 18 to 45 to enter the ballot.
    • Be selected through the ballot process.
    • Secure a formal ongoing job offer in Australia (or their partner/spouse must have a job offer).
    • Meet English language, character, and health checks.
    • Hold a passport for a participating country.
    • Have been born in or have a parent who was born in an eligible country.

Applicants can include a partner and legally dependent children in their application. Further program settings and details, counting ballot and visa eligibility requirements, will be made available closer to the start of the program.

6. What is the Pacific Engagement Visa ballot?

The ballot is an electronic random selection process, with those drawn from the ballot then able to apply for a Pacific Engagement Visa. Candidates will need to demonstrate that they fulfil all relevant criteria before being granted a visa.

7. What is the cost to enter the Pacific Engagement Visa ballot?

The charge for entering the ballot is expected to be $25. If the registered person is not selected, a new registration will need to be submitted for participants to enter the next ballot. Candidates selected through the ballot will be able to apply for the visa within a specified timeframe, requiring payment of the related visa application charge.

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