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The Australian Government has announced 3 New Regional Visas in 2019

Posted By - | Views - (15227) | Posted On - 2019-12-20

Australian Government has announced 3 New Regional Visas in 2019


The Department of Home Affairs, Australia has announced 3 new regional visas, which included one Permanent Residence Visa as well. The Subclass 494 and 491 are the 2 new Regional Visas, which are scheduled to be applicable from November 2019.

The Skilled Regional Subclass 191 PR Visa is the third visa that is all set to be operational from 16th November 2022. As quoted by the Special Broadcasting Service, Australia, this visa will aim at bringing more skilled immigrant workers in the regional areas of Australia.

The Immigration, Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs Minister, David Coleman have given an explanatory statement about the New Skilled Regional Visas Migration Amendment Regulations 2019. As per his statement, the new Subclass 191 Visa will retain most of the existing requirements for PR Visa, including, character, security and health requirements.

As per the Migration Amendment Regulations 2019, following are the eligibility criteria for a primary applicant applying for the Subclass 191 visa:

  • he/she must have at least three years of regional provisional visa while applying for the Subclass 191 visa
  • have a minimum income earned for at least 3 years as a regional provisional visa holder
  • adhere to the regional provisional visa conditions
  • already have the new Subclass 494 and 491 Visa

The Federal government of Australia has also terminated 2 Australia Visas, including:

  • Regional Migration Sponsored Scheme Subclass 187 Visa
  • Regional Provisional Skilled Subclass 489 Visa

The Subclass 187 Visa is going to be replaced by the Employer Sponsored Regional Subclass 494 Visa. While the Subclass 489 Visa will be replaced by the Subclass 491 Visa. The former visa was considered as one of the most renowned Australian Visas for all the skilled workers who have an inclination towards moving to different regions in Australia.

The objective behind launching Subclass 494 and Subclass 491 Visas

The Employer Sponsored Subclass 494 Regional Visa is designed to help all the employers in regional Australia so that they can recruit skilled workers overseas via the Labour and Employer-Sponsored Agreement.

The Regional Provisional Skilled Work Subclass 491 Visa will have a points system and is designed for those applicants who are backed by a Territory or State government agency. Also, they can have sponsorship from a family member who is residing in the designated regional area of Australia.

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