New South Wales Skills Occupation List released for 2022-23

New South Wales Skills Occupation List released for 2022-23

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New South Wales (NSW), Australia released NSW Skills List for the program year 2022-23. The state has also revealed new minimum point scores and skilled work experience requirement. 

To qualify for NSW nomination, an applicant requires meeting the minimum point score and minimum years of work experience his/her occupation s ANZSCO unit group. 

NSW Skills List 2022-23

The NSW Skills List includes the in demand occupations in the state of New South Wales, Australia. The state of NSW nominate the SkillSelect EOIs at the ANZSCO unit group level. To be eligible for NSW nomination you need to be skilled in an occupation that both:

  • features within an ANZSCO unit group and
  • is eligible for the respective visa

All occupations within ANZSCO unit groups are eligible for the respective visa. As of now, the NSW skilled nomination program is open for Subclass 190 Visa only and not for Subclass 491 visa.

NSW nomination program is immensely competitive, hence, the state advise the applicants to try other programs as well and do not become over dependent on NSW nominations.

Eligibility requirements 

To get ITA in NSW invitation round, you must meet the basic criteria given below:

  • You must meet all the requirements mentioned by DHA for relevant visa subclass. 
  • Must have experience in an occupation that is:

    within an ANZSCO unit group identified on the NSW Skilled Nominated Skills List; AND

    is eligible for the Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190)
  • You need to be either currently living in NSW or overseas, and have constantly done so for a minimum period of 6 months. 
  • You need to fulfil the minimum skilled work experience and point score for your unit group. 

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