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Australian Government is Revising the point system with effect from 16th November, 2019

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Australian Government is Revising the point system with effect from 16th November, 2019


Meeting the pass mark threshold of the Australian points test is one of the main criteria for the skilled immigrant s entry into Australia. The set pass marks currently are 65 and these are awarded for particular factors that are linked to the ability of an applicant to contribute to the economy and society of Australia.

In a recently published legislation, Australia has introduced a revised points system for the General Skilled Migration visa categories that are set to be operational from 16th November 2019. These changes include awarding additional points for partner’s skills, English competency, certain qualifications and for regional nominations.

These changes are also applicable to existing Subclass visas 489,189 and 190 along with the new Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa subclass 491.

The following changes will be implemented to the point’s calculator of Australia:

  • 10 points: For applicants with specialist STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) educational qualifications
  • 10 points: For applicants who have a skilled spouse or de facto partner
  • 10 points: For applicants who don t have a spouse or de facto partner
  • 5 points: For applicants who have a spouse or de facto partner with competency in the English language
  • 15 points: For applicants who get a nomination from a Territory or State government, or who are sponsored by a family member living in Australia as a permanent resident or citizen.

These changes in the points test will be applicable to the new applications submitted after 16 November 2019 and to existing applications submitted before the said date but not yet decided. However, it is expected that existing applications will get affected as only the above stated additional points will be applied to the applications.

When all the points are equal except partner qualifications, invitations to apply will be ranked in the following sequence:

  • First: Applicants who have a skilled spouse or de facto partner
  • Equal First: Applicants who do not have a spouse or de facto partner
  • Second: Applicants with have a spouse or de facto partner whit Competency in English language but are not skilled to get skilled partner points.
  • Third: Applicants who have a spouse or de facto partner who is not eligible for both competent English and Skilled partner points.

 Let s have a glance at the benefits of these revisions

The main objective of this update in the points test is to benefit the Australian economy and communities and help Australia select the brightest and the finest professionals from the world for permanent residency.

Additional points awarded to applicants by the nominated State or Territory Government are designed with an objective to improve the economic development of all the remote communities.

Additional STEM qualification points are designed to address the shortage of STEM skills, which are vital for Australia’s innovation, economic success, and future productivity.

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