Australia Records Remarkable Spike in Net Overseas Migration

Australia Records Remarkable Spike in Net Overseas Migration

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Australia has experienced a significant upsurge in net overseas migration, recording a extraordinary increase of 454,000 individuals added to its population. According to the latest data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), Australia's population has increased by 2.2 percent, reaching a total of 26.5 million people in the 12 months ending on March 31st of the current year. 

Beidar Cho, the head of demography at ABS, noted that 81 percent of this growth in the year leading up to March 2023 can be attributed to net overseas migration, which saw an influx of 454,400 individuals into the country. This growth occurred 13 months after the reopening of international borders following the global pandemic.

This significant rise in net overseas migration was driven by a substantial increase in arrivals, which witnessed a 103 percent surge compared to the former year, totalling 681,000 arrivals. In contrast, there was only a modest 8.8 percent increase in the number of departures by overseas migrants, totalling 226,600 departures. This trend, particularly the low number of departures, is a consequence of the catch-up effect that followed the closure of international borders during the pandemic. It is anticipated to be temporary, as departures are expected to upsurge in the future, particularly when temporary students return in more typical numbers.

Key statistics released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) indicate the following:

  • Australia's population stood at 26,473,055 people as of March 31, 2023.
  • Quarterly growth amounted to 181,600 people (0.7%).
  • Annual growth reached 563,200 people (2.2%).
  • Annual natural increase was 108,800, while net overseas migration contributed 454,400 individuals.
  • The natural population increase represented an 18.5 percent decrease from the previous year.

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