Australia Ranks Among top 5 Best Countries to Live

Australia Ranks Among top 5 Best Countries to Live

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According to latest US News and World Report 2020, Australia has bagged 5th position in the Best Country to live list. The report ranked 10 countries that are best to live in. The countries have been ranked on the basis of various factors, including education, Citizenship, Green Living, gender equality, life expectancy, financial wealth, etc.

The survey was conducted on total 20,548 people from elite class, business class and general public from 36 countries in four different regions.

Let's have a look at the ranking on key categories:


Australia's Ranking

Comfortable Retirement


Quality of Life


Overall Parameters




Green living




Raising Children








Apart from bagging 5th position in Quality of Life ranking, Australia was on 2nd position for Comfortable Retirement and among top 10 nations for its Education, raising Children, Transparency and Entrepreneurship rankings.

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In this Best Country Survey, Canada was behind Switzerland, which topped the Best Country list 2020 in all the parameters. Switzerland and Canada were followed by other countries, including, Japan, Germany, Australia, United Kingdom, United States, Sweden, Netherland and Norway.

The ranking of overall Best Countries is as follow:

  • #1 Switzerland
  • #2 Canada
  • #3 Japan
  • #4 Germany
  • #5 Australia
  • #6 United Kingdom
  • #7 United States
  • #8 Sweden
  • #9 Netherland
  • #10 Norway

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Australia is one among the best places to live in the world

As per this survey, Australia is the second best nation in the World to live. It's because of an excellent quality of life index of Australia. Australia has high values in different index variables like, employment, income, education, housing, community, environment, work-personal balance, life satisfaction, safety and citizen participation, health.

Moreover, the visa approval process for Australia's skilled migration program takes approximately 18 months time, which is considerably quite fast in comparison to other nations.

So, if you are also planning to move to Australia, then this is the right time amidst a lot of positive changes being introduced in the Australia's point system and introduction of new visa subclasses.

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